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    In order to promote the exchange and collection of classical furniture and archaized decorations of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States regions, build up a trading and exchange platform for classical furniture and archaized decorations operators, collectors and enthusiasts, “The first Guangzhou Classical Furniture and Archaized Decoration Expo”  (co-sponsored by China International Collections Association and China International Classical Furniture Import and Export Co., LTD and organized by Weipeng Exhibition Guangzhou Co., LTD), was ceremoniously held on 26th, November, 2006 in Guangzhou Gymnasium’s Exhibition Center at  the same time as the “Guangzhou Collections Expo 2006”. More than 200 exhibitors participated in the exhibition.  Visitors reached more than 20,000. Most exhibitors achieved very good results. The exhibition has received the approval and accreditation of the broad masses of exhibitors and visitors. At the end of the Expo we already had a number of exhibitors pre-booked for the booths of the second exhibition.

    In order to make the Guangzhou Classical Furniture and Archaized Decorations Expo into the biggest and most influential event of classical furniture of South China region, the organizing committee will invite a number of domestic and foreign classical furniture ssociations and  Chambers of Commerce to promoted it.

    Guangdong Province is the most concentrated classical Chinese furniture and archaized decorations commodities production base The PRD region’s major cities such as Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shunde, Dongguan, Foshan and other places have over 3,000 rosewood furniture production, selling, and related businesses , and gradually established a number of classical furniture associations and Chambers of Commerce. The PRD area is the largest classical Chinese rosewood furniture production base and center of R&D, and sales center. There are boundless business opportunities in this region.

    In order to promote the export of classical Chinese furniture export, the organizing committee will invite European and United States region’s antique furniture procurement committee delegations to attend the procurement, and hold European antique furniture procurement seminars during the exhibition The committee will  introduce characteristics of the European market demand and related trade policies in detail to domestic classical furniture companies .We will invite more than 2,000 European antique furniture buyers and mimic producers to come to the Expo for procurement. This will be a very rare international antique Sourcing Fair to.

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