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Details of the trade fair

Location: the exhibition center of Guangzhou Stadium

Time arrangement

1、Check-in date and exhibition preparation time: November 21-22

2、Time of opening: November 23, 2006 at 10:30

3、Exhibition time: November 23–26, 2006

4、Withdrawal time: November 26, 2006 from 16:00 to 24:00

Major activities:

1、Exhibition of classical mahogany furniture antique ornaments and crafts

2、Auction of classical furniture and curiosities

The range of exhibition:

Classical furniture: European style classical furniture, US style classical furniture, Asian style classical furniture, Chinese style classical furniture, antique imitation furniture, hardwood furniture, softwood furniture, etc.

Antique ornaments: various ancient style carpets, tapestry, curiosity art items, curiosity ware, ivory, jade, wood and stone sculptures, ceramic items, bronze items, tree root sculptures, curious stones, jade crafts, antique reproduction items, folk art crafts, old wood engraved furniture, decoration items and ancient ware.

Participation procedures:

1、Exhibition applicants are required to fill out the Exhibition Application Form that is affixed with company chop prior to submitting it to the Exhibition Organization Committee by fax or by mail.

2、The exhibitors should transfer the exhibition fee to the account number designated by the Exhibition Organization Committee within three work days and should send the receipt of the transference to the committee by fax.

3、Having received payment from an exhibitor, the committee will issue Exhibition Booth Confirmation Letter to the exhibitor.

4、By the time all payment has been made one month before the exhibition, the committee will issue Exhibitor Handbook that includes the exhibition notification, transportation of exhibition products, pick-up service, accommodation and time arrangement.

5、The exhibition booths will be arranged based on the sequence of payment time. The payment will not be refunded if any exhibitor wishes to cancel the exhibition 

Exhibition price and the charge standards

1、Standard booth: 9m (3m×3m); US$ 2,000 per period.

The booth is facilitated with: fence walls on three sides, a table with two chairs, carpet, bulletin board with English and Chinese, two illuminating lamps, a fluorescent tube, a 220V/5A electric adapter and a trash basket

2、Indoor open space: US$ 200 per square meter (rent starts from 36 sq.m.)²

The price only includes public lighting, air conditioning, water supply, power supply, cleaning and security. Additional structures and structure management fee are not included in this price

3、Advertising in the exhibition journals (large sized journals)

Front cover

US$ 2,000

Back cover

US$ 1,000

Color full page (for non-exhibitors)

US$ 800

Inside front cover

US$: 800

Inside Back Cover

US$ 500

Color full page (for exhibitors)

US$ 300

All auctions (to be held from November 23 to 26) will be 40 minutes. The organization committee will provide the venue and the audio amplification equipment and it will also assist in inviting professionals (the association will organize professionals to assess the antique classics)

Estimated scale and number of visitors

1、The estimated exhibition area will be 15,000 sq.m.

2、The estimated visitors will be ranged from 50,000 to 80,000

Professional exhibition services

1、Professional antique appraisers will be at the fair to provide appraisal services

2、The company profiles and major exhibition products will be published in the exhibition journal free of charge

3、Entry tickets, invitations, seminars, auctions and exhibition papers will be provided

4、It will assist the exhibition companies in designing and decorating the show booths, rent additional furniture, hire part-time workers, translators and ceremonial usherettes

5、It will assist the exhibitors in arranging cargo shipping, tourism, accommodation, visa application and advertising

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