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Time, Date, and Venue of the Exhibition

Registration Time:   9:00 to 20:00    21st, November, 2007

Booth Setting Time:  9:00 to 22:00    22nd, November, 2007

Period of Exhibition:  9:00 – 17:00     23rd -25th, November, 2007

                    9:00 – 15:00     26th, November, 2007

Auction Period:

Previews           23rd – 24th, November, 2007

Auction            25th, November, 2007

Venue of Exhibition: Guangzhou new Stadium Exhibition Centre

Major activities:

1 Organize antique furniture and fine antique auction

2 Organize exhibitions of museums and famous collector’s collection of antique furniture, fine antique


Participating in the Exhibition

1 Domestic and international Classical Furniture companies,collectors, artists, art museums, art institutions, folk artists ( institutions ), arts groups, and art media, etc.

2 Exhibits will be priced by exhibitors. After sale, tax will be charged according to the state regulations. The organizing committee will not charge administration fees.

3 During the exhibition, the exhibitors must wear their exhibitor pass. The exhibitor pass is only used by the exhibitor and is not transferable.

4 Exhibitors may not withdraw in the middle of the exhibition period. Transferring or sub tenancy of the booth is prohibited.

5 The exhibitors will design and set up the booth’s internal layout. Any changes of the banner board’s contents are prohibited.

6 The use of power must follow the unified arrangement of the organizing committee, and must be allowed to access electricity. Should you have any extra requirements, please apply in advance to the organizing committee and follow the arrangements after the application is granted.

7 During the exhibition the exhibitors shall not engae in competition for sale or huckstering, nor may they disrupt the proceeding of the exhibition. The organizing committee kretains  the right to request any  exhibitor who breaches the regulation to leave immediately and unconditionally and without compensation or refund of fees .



1 A no-smoking regulation is applied inside the exhibition hall. Anyone who breaches the regulation will be fined. The organizing committee has right to request the exhibitor who breached the regulation to leave unconditionally and may not return.

2 Exhibitors must obey the regulations and orders

3 The use of hazardous substances is prohibited in the exhibition area. The use of fire is prohibited.

4. During the period of daily exhibition the exhibitors are responsible for the safe custody of their exhibits and valuables. The exhibition will not take any responsibility for any loss.

Exhibits’ Range and Contents:
Classical Furniture: European classical furniture, American classical furniture, Asian countries classical furniture, Chinese classical furniture and archaized furniture;

Archaized Decorations: Various classical-style carpets, tapestries; antique art, antique miscellaneous pieces; jade stone wooden carving ; Ceramic bronze; Carved on Roots, wooden carvings, frames, antique carved pieces; heritage restoration imitation products; antique furnishings, and miscellaneous classical pieces .


Exhibitor Fees

1 International standard exhibition booth: Specs: 3m x 3m.

Overseas exhibitors: 2,000 U.S. dollars/booth 

Two-opening exhibition booth: 10% extra charge

Specs of booth:

-Three hoardings

-One desk and two chairs,


- The Sino-British guildhall

- Two spotlights

- A fluorescent tube

- One 220V/5A power socket.

2 Open space (from 36 square meters):

Overseas exhibitors: 200 U.S. dollars per square meter

Charge of open space does not include any facilities, with only venue rentals, the air conditioning, security and cleaning services.



Those wishing to submit artworks for participation in the auction must submit relevant information before 15th, September, 2007. Personal collections must accredited by experts from the organizing committee before they may participate in the auction (requests for auction details please refer to our company’s website), any exhibitor who is eligible for the auction will be charged 1000 RMB for each exhibit for display and catalog costs. It is not refundable. An auction charge of 10%  of the transaction amountwill be charged . Tax will be the responsibility of  the consignor.


Part Seven

Exhibition Journal and Advertisement

1 A catalog for the exhibition (The Second Guangzhou Collections Expo Journal), “World Chinese Folk Collectors’ Collections Expo”, edited and published by the organizing committee.

2 Advertisements on the Expo Journal (specifications: 210 × 285)

Cover: USD 1,500   Back cover: USD 1,000

Full page, color (non-exhibitors) USD 500

Inside title page: USD 800   The third cover page: USD 600

Full page, color (exhibitors) US dollar 200

3 Each booth is required to provide relevant information for artworks which is going to be published at the time of registration: 5-inch above color photo, and the name of the artwork, the author's name, the artwork’s specifications and briefings. Materials will not be returned, please prepare additional paper. The press time of the Journal is October 25, 2007.

4. The exhibitors will take the responsibility if photographs or information provided is not consistent with the production requirements so that relevant materials are not published.


Procedure of the exhibition participating

1 Exhibitors are required to fill in the application form with the contract stamp or private stamp then post or fax the application form to the organizing committee, and transfer the exhibition cost to designated account. Otherwise, the organizing committee has no obligation to retain the booth or may change the booth at its discretion. If the exhibitor withdraws from the exhibition, the fee for exhibition participating will not be refunded

The registration deadline is 8th, November, 2007

2 The organizing committee will arrange the booth by sequence of registration and arrival of the funds. Any exhibitors with special requirements must specify these on the application form. Admission notice and exhibitors notes will be sent out one month before the commencement of the exhibition. Application form and this detailed rule have law effectiveness by exhibitors confirmed.


Services of the exhibition

1 To introduce information about the collections expo and artworks investment and collections show, to introduce the exhibitors and the artworks, to attract domestic and overseas art collectors and critics to participate in the exhibition through a variety of media and international media networks. The invitation of exhibitors and merchandisers will be held simultaneously.

2 The organizing committee and the auction company will cooperate to hold a  special performance of fine artworks auctions.

3 The exhibition hall’s business centre provides telephone, fax, typing, booth setting equipment supplies and other services.

4 The organizing committee will provide designated food and accommodation concessions.


Exhibition promotion

1 Through the sponsor’s huge international membership network they will invite collectors, enthusiasts, calligraphy and painting operators throughout the world to participate in the Expo, and seek the participation of more and broader international quality buyers.

2 Promote the Expo through a trade office in China, consulates, auction houses, museums, art galleries and other galleries in order to attract more buyers and collectors to participate in the Expo for procurement.

3 Establish information exchange channels with global important trade associations, invite professionals to come to visit, procure, and cooperate with domestic artworks and antiques markets in order to extensive publicity for the exhibition.

4 Interact with the mass media through more than 100 global professional journals in order to promote and track report the exhibition, also promptly release information

through the Internet and ensure rapid and effective transfer of information worldwide in order to achieve maximum transmission efficiency.

Organization committee office: Rm.3103, Jing Dian Ju, No.228, Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou
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Contact person:junlee

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