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An introduction to Guangzhou Stadium

  Guangzhou Stadium is a large sized sporting facility that was built for China’s 9th National Games. It can hold various large large-scale international indoor games, to include athletics, gymnastics, volleyballs, etc.. This stadium can provide the sporting area of the international standard and can also be used for holding large-scale concerts, trade fairs, etc.. It has become one of the regional symbol construction of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Stadium is located in Baiyuan Avenue, Guangzhou (by the new Guangzhou-Conghua Highway) at the section of Baiyun Nursery Garden. The east side of the stadium is Scenic and Historic Interest Area of Baiyun Mountains, which known for its natural scenery beauty. The stadium covers a land area of approximately 240,000 square meters, to include approximately 80,000 square meters for the main stadium, approximately 60,000 square meters for the park, approximately 80,000 square meters for the athlete village and approximately 20,000 square meters for the urban planned roads. Total construction area for this stadium adds up to approximately 165,700 square meters.  

Guangzhou Stadium is formed of three complexes that have specific functions. Counting from the south, the first complex is the main arena for matches, which has a construction area of 39,635 square meters, with a longitudinal length of 160 meters and a crosswise length of 110 meters. The auditorium has 24 boxes and 10018 conventional seats. The second part is the training complex that has a construction area of approximately 19,412 square meters, with a longitudinal length of 151.5 meters and a crosswise length of 70 meters. The training complex is facilitated with athletic training zone, swimming pool, a basketball pitch and a convention hall for academic exchanges. The third complex is the sports service center that is open to the public, which has a construction area of 9,048 square meters, with a longitudinal length of 140 meters and a crosswise length of 30 meters. This complex is facilitated with sporting area that is divided into adult zone and underage zone, comprehensive bodybuilding zone and shopping zone.

This stadium is one of the main exhibition centers in Guangzhou and it holds scores of large-scale exhibitions annually. When the stadium is used as exhibition center, the indoor area adds up to 15,000 square meters and the outdoor show area adds up to 18,000 square meters.




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